I can help you cover every aspect of ticketing, from finding the ideal ticketing supplier to setting up and/or improving operational processes. 

I can assist with:

  • RFPs
  • Setting up and integrating suppliers
  • Assist in programming events and promotions



A sound pricing strategy is key to ensure a proper ROI on your events. 

I have seen its potential when I successfully implemented demand based-pricing at Cirque du Soleil

From static, variable, flexible, demand-based to dynamic pricing. I can guide you through the different options and help you determine what is right for your organisation



A single point of entry for ticket sales is not enough anymore to guarantee success. 

I can help setting up a multi-channel sales strategy using:

  • Group sales
  • 3rd Party ticket sellers
  • Distribution in the secondary market

Customer Service


Great clients experiences mean more revenue

I can help you with the following:

  • Establishing policies
  • Set-up and hire client services teams
  • Create training materials
  • Outsource your client services & help with call center RFPs
  • Get your patron's feed-back and use it to improve your services

Ancillary revenues


Live event goers now expect more from you and your organization. This represent a great opportunity to improve client experience and revenue simultaneously!

Maximize your revenue potential with a good upsell & Cross-sell strategy

Together we can set up an incremental revenue generating action plan using readily available tools