My Professional Experience

How it all started - My journey in ticketing


I've been involved in live entertainment since my teenage years. The first tickets I ever sold were for a Pearl Jam tribute band I was part of. I never expected it would become a career!


In 1996, during my music studies I started to work part time selling tickets by phone for Admission Ticket Network (Now part of Ticketmaster). It was my first contact with a real ticketing system and real customers. Internet sales had not started yet! It was a great way to learn ticketing and customer service basics. Later in 1999 I became supervisor of that phone room allowing me to develop management skills and for the first time I was in direct contact with major venues and promoters such as Cirque du Soleil.


I ran away with the Circus in 2001 as Box Office Supervisor and toured Europe for two years. It was a great opportunity to learn about the European live entertainment market.

After touring Europe I worked at Cirque's international headquarters setting up events in the ticketing system. Not having enough of touring I went back on tour across Canada and the US for nearly three years as Box Office and House Manager for the Corteo Big Top tour.


In 2007 I was offered a great opportunity: To build the ticketing team and set-up processes for the Cirque du Soleil Arena tours. Three years later It grew from one North American tour to 5 world-wide tours, bringing events in countries we had not visited before such as South Africa, Israel and many more. We needed to be flexible and adapt quickly, and we did it quite successfully.


in 2012 All touring properties have been reunited under the same management and I was put in charge of ticket sales for all Cirque du Soleil touring productions. This meant ensuring that well over 3000 events per year needed to go on sale in various formats and various degrees of management. In 2015 I introduced demand based pricing on our Big Top production, followed next year on the Arena productions. It demanded a lot of effort and adaptation from the dozens of people involved, but the outcome was more than positive. This endeavour was then recognized at the Ticketing Technology Forum in 2016 where we received the "Moving on up award". Finally, I spent a lot of time in 2017 hiring and setting up processes for Cirque du Soleil's first Big Top touring show in mainland China.


I left Cirque in January 2018. It has been a great run, and am eternally grateful for all the opportunities. 

Today, my goal as a consultant is double: I want to put my experience at the service of other organizations because by doing so,  I also have the opportunity to keep learning! As every venue, promoter or sports team has a different reality and culture, it is the constant adaptation and change in mandates that keeps me motivated.

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Complementary Info

Presentations, awards and other fun facts


All roads lead to guest satisfaction: With Carrie Farina and Michelle Harris, INTIX 2015


Moving on up award, TTF 2016 in Dublin:


Sold tickets in over 50 countries

Over 28,000 performances put on sale / 3,000+ yearly

More than 38M tickets sold

11 Simultaneous tours worldwide

Worked with dozens of ticketing providers

Managed a small army of incredible ticketing professionals


Proud member of the board of directors for Théâtre PÀP:

Proud member of the board of directors at INTIX (International Ticketing Association):